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Hiring University Podcast

Hiring University

Mar 4, 2022

Wen Stenger sits down with Hiring University to talk diversity, inclusion, and the staffing industry

Wen Stenger, CEO, and Co-Founder of Omni Inclusive joins the Hiring University podcast to discuss diversity and inclusion in the staffing industry. Before founding Omni Inclusive, Wen led contingent labor programs at leading enterprises including Best Buy and Thompson Reuters.

Before founding Omni Inclusive she ran the contingent workforce programs at household enterprise companies like Best Buy and Thompson Reuters, she is a retired U.S Air Force veteran and has been recognized by the staffing industry with the following distinctions:

· 2021 SIA DEI Influencer.

· 2021 LinkedIn Diversity Champion Talent Award.

· 2019 & 2020 SIA Contingent Workforce Game Changer leading process and change in external workforce ecosystem.

"When it comes to the contingent workforce, it takes a village process. Regardless of who "owns" the data or the technology or the process, everybody has to have a hand in understanding that information and using it to address the challenges at hand."

Listen to the full podcast here.

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